Together we can

Build a world
where all children are
Emotionally Intelligent


Statistics show that millions of children across Africa and the rest of the world have no access to basic education, let alone Social and Emotional Learning. Left unattended, these children grow into society unprepared for the world that awaits them. This makes for an even more broken society. We can turn the trajectory around…one home at a time.

What we do

We train, equip and coordinate our EQForce across the globe to raise EQ-competent children across homes in Africa and the rest of the world.

Current Projects Metrics

Our ongoing projects across various cities at the moment span 8 institutions in 7 different cities with 19 paid mentors involved in mentoring 658+ children.

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We Identify Partner Homes

We identify orphanages, schools and institutions that are willing and committed to the emotional development of the children under their care.

We Train & Equip EQForce

We train and equip our mentors (EQForce) with the skills to create a ‘home’ experience and impart learning for the children in our partner homes.

We Educate & Empower Children

EQ-Club, the EQ development clubs we establish in these homes, becomes a platform for social and emotional learning for these children.

We Take Care Of All The Cost

Together with our donors, sponsors and partners, we take responsibility for funding and equipping the mentors, the children and the institutions.

What we have achieved

Here is an overview of what we have been able to accomplish so far with our projects across the world

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EQ Clubs Established

Latest Story

Video of The Week

Re-live our experience with the students at Babs Fafunwa Millennial Senior Grammar School, Lagos, Nigeria in 2023.

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